Weaving carpets by hand is an age old art-form that spans countries like Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan Pakistan and India to name a few. Carpets were knotted for practical uses and as an expression of creativity. The technical aspects of a handknotted carpet include its origin, the weaving-method, the dyeing process, its compostion, the significance of its designs etc which is an important and intriguing part of acquiring a hand-knotted carpet. The stories behind these carpet are an integral part of their attraction. To this day, the most rewarding and startling aspect of being in this field is to witness how hand-knotted carpets (like all art forms) evoke different emotions. While we may purchase rugs for practical reasons like warmth, decoration and demarcation of areas, the purchase of a hand-knotted rug is much more personal than its functionality. Hand-woven rugs have a unique energy and is a dynamic piece of art with an inivisble connection between the person who weaves it and the person who owns it. Our range of Hand-woven carpets have rich intricately patterned Persian carpets in bright jewel-like colours alongside elegant muted subtle carpets.