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A rug is a crucial element to your décor.  It can either be your first inspiration or the last item to pull the whole look together. The right rug is often that one item that would define the personality and taste of a home and its inhabitants.  Much more than a piece of flooring at RUGS to Riches  we consider our collection as art you can walk on!!!!

From the most exquisite handwoven Persians and Orientals; Tribal masterpieces; Fine Modern and contemporary carpets to the most humble mat we have a rug for every space style and budget.  At RUGS TO Riches we invite you to an exciting and joyous journey of finding “the one” for you.


All handwoven carpets are repaired and restored by our Persian expert.


Deep cleaning and washing of all carpets


advice on choosing rugs for your home please make an appointment so we can help


Need to be seen with the naked eye to truly appreciate its beauty

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